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Livorno; It is a touristic city on the Mediterranean coast in the Tuscany Region of Italy. The city, which is the capital of many currents throughout history, has experienced its greatest development thanks to the Medicis. The city of Livorno, considered one of the most important ports of Italy, is one of the most modern cities of Italy. Livorno has been a cultural city where many cultures have been intertwined throughout history.

Our advice to tourists who want to visit this beautiful city is the hotel they choose to stay in La Venezia. This region is quite prominent due to its proximity to the tourist and historical places. By staying in this area, you can be close to both entertainment and historical and cultural places. This region, which is also the cultural center of the city, is home to one of the most important festivals of the region, Effetto Venezia.

This is a recommendation for tourists visiting the beautiful city, where they try great sea products. There are restaurants in many parts of the city, including the historic center. In these restaurants you can taste the wonderful seafood of the city of Livorno.

In Livorno, both urban and out-of-town transport is well developed. It is possible to reach the islands of Corsica and Sardinia by ferry from Livorno. You can also take the train from this magnificent city to the other cities of Tuscany.

Things to Do in Livorno

• Quatro Mori Monument: Built approximately four hundred years ago, this building is one of the most known and most visited buildings in Livorno. This monument built by the Medicis is a symbol of a victory against the Berbers. This monument, which in time became the symbol of the city, is located right in front of the Livorno walls.

• Santuario di Montenero: This architectural wonder church, which is one of the first historical places to come to mind when it comes to Livorno, is a wonderful building located on the hills of Montenero and offering a magnificent view of the Mediterranean with its Livorno. There are many pictures in this structure which was built about seven hundred years ago.

• Palazzo dell mekAccademia Navale: This is one of the most interesting places in Livorno, a place that attracts many tourists to visit the city. We strongly recommend you to visit every tourist visiting this beautiful city.

Hotels in Livorno

1. Grand Hotel Palazzo Livorno MGallery by Sofitel (5 Stars): This hotel is one of the most popular and most comfortable hotels in Livorno, and has two swimming pools, one of which is open and one is closed. This hotel with its own restaurant is one of the most suitable accommodation for tourists.

2. Gran Duca Hotel (4 Stars): This hotel is quite luxurious and comfortable with two swimming pools, one of which is open and one is closed. There is also a restaurant in this hotel.

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