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One of the most beautiful resort of Bodrum on the Aegean coast of Turkey, at the same time every year as a result of being one of the leading centers of nightlife in Turkey is host to many tourists from different parts of the world. At the same time, Bodrum, due to the excess of transportation and shopping options are more prominent than other tourist areas. Also hosts an airport in Bodrum, Turkey is also a major festivals each year in the host. If you are going to Bodrum for a holiday, staying in the center of the city is not a suitable option. For tourists, we recommend you to choose hotels in Bodrum’s coastal areas. The most comfortable and comfortable accommodation in these coastal regions is Yalıkavak.

For tourists who want to be a part of Bodrum’s lively nightlife, our suggestion is to stay in Bitez. This region, which has beautiful beaches, also includes restaurants where you can taste the unique examples of Bodrum cuisine.

In Bodrum, which does not have metro or tram lines, transportation is provided by buses. During certain periods of the year, traffic problems may occur and transportation fees may increase. We suggest you access to Turkey’s most beautiful holiday in Bodrum, one of the city renting a car is your own. In this way, you can watch the unique nature views of Bodrum.

Places to See in Bodrum

• Bodrum Castle: This castle, which was built by the Knights of Rhodes some six hundred years ago, is one of the symbols of Bodrum. This unique structure, which is located on the walls of this castle, which was later captured by the Turks, and the knight coat of arms, is one of the places visited by tourists.

• Hacı Molla Han: This structure, which was built during the Ottoman Empire period, is located within the Bodrum Bazaar. Today, it serves as a structure with cafes and restaurants.

• Bodrum Underwater Archeology Museum: This unique place, located within the Bodrum Castle, is a unique museum exhibiting some archaeological findings based on the Bronze Age. This museum, in which ancient statues, sarcophagi and various tools were exhibited, is one of the most interesting places for tourists.

Hotels in Bodrum

1. Marina Vista Hotel (4 Stars): This luxurious hotel is decorated in a very modern style and offers views of the Marina. There is also a gym and spa center.

2. Isis Charm Beach (4 Stars): Located in the Akyarlar District, this hotel also features a gym and an outdoor pool. The most important feature of this hotel from other hotels is that the car rental service.

3. Kempinski Hotel Barbaros Bay Bodrum (5 Stars): Located close to historical sites, this hotel offers a very luxurious and comfortable service. This hotel also provides water sports facilities through its facilities.

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