Small And Beautiful Island Of Kalamata

Kalamata, the capital of the Messinia region; it is a magnificent touristic city with magnificent beaches, wonderful nature views, forested mountains and lush valleys. Kalamata, home to historical ruins and archaeological discoveries, is the port city of Messinia. Kalamata, which attracts many tourists every year, is a port city and a production center. The city is also rich in agricultural products. Figs and olives are just a few of the popular products grown in Kalamata.

We highly recommend you choose the hotel where you will stay in Kalamata, a sea holiday paradise, near the beaches. You can easily reach the beaches from the city center of Kalamata, which is not a big city, but we recommend staying in the city center for tourists visiting more historical and cultural places. You can use local buses for transportation in Kalamata where transportation is not developed. You can reach many places you want on foot in Kalamata which is not a big city.

 Things to Do in Kalamata

• Isabeau Castle: Considered to be the most visited and beautiful place in the city of Kalamata, this castle hosts international dance festivals every year. This beautiful historical building is now used for theater, music and dance performances.

• Benakeion Archaeological Museum: This museum, one of the most beautiful museums in Kalamata, exhibits many historical artifacts from the Bronze Age and the Roman Period.

• Vassileos Georgiou Square: This place is a magnificent square with many cafes, meeting places and promenades. In addition, this square is full of coffee shops where you can have the best coffee in Kalamata.

• Coastal Road: This coastal road along the wide beach of Kalamata is quite long. Along the way, there are many taverns, ouzo restaurants, cafes, bars and clubs. The beach road, which is one of the most active places of nightlife in Kalamata, is also home to some water sports clubs.

Kalamata Hotels

1. Grecotel Filoxenia Kalamata (4 Stars): This hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels in Kalamata, has a magnificent view. Many rooms have spectacular views from the balcony. It features a restaurant and two swimming pools, one of which is open and one is closed.

2. Hotel Flisvos (2 Stars): Hotel Flisvos is a comfortable and comfortable hotel with sea views. This hotel also has a bar, where you can stay at quite affordable rates.

3. Rex Hotel (4 Stars): The most important features that distinguish Rex Hotel from other hotels are that it provides room service and laundry service. Rex Hotel, which has a restaurant of its own, is a very luxurious and comfortable hotel but the accommodation prices are very convenient.

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