Quiet City, Kea

Kea Island, located in the Aegean Sea, is a part of the Cyclades Archipelago. A very small city, Kea is home to many natural beauties and blue waters of the Aegean Sea. This natural wonder island, which the people of Athens used as a holiday place, is considered a great place for sea holiday. One of the most important touristic features of this island, which stands out with its magnificent beaches and nature views, is that it hosts wonderful touristic villages.

We recommend this hotel to tourists who come to the sea for a holiday. There are many hotels near Kea’da beaches, which have many different accommodation facilities. You can safely stay here at reasonable rates. Kea is a very small municipality and very few people live here. For these reasons, the transportation on this touristic island is not very developed. We recommend you to rent a car on this natural wonder island and visit the beautiful beaches and natural beauties of the city.

Things to do in Kea

• Loulida Village: This magnificent village in Kea, which has many touristic villages within its structure, is really a place worth seeing. We recommend you to visit this magnificent village, which also houses an old medieval castle.

• Vourkari: Vourkari, the center of nightlife and entertainment, is a great place for tourists. We strongly recommend you to visit this region especially during the summer months.

• Lion Sculpture: This Lion Sculpture, within walking distance of Loulida District, has been the subject of many legends and tales of Kea in the past. Because of these reasons, this sculpture became a symbol of this place and it is frequented by many tourists every year.

• Koundouros Beach: This beach, which is the most famous among the beaches on the island of Kea, is really worth seeing. There are many luxury hotels around this beach which attracts many tourists with its clean waters and taverns.

Pet Friendly Hotels in Kea

1. Aigis Suites (4 Stars): This luxurious and comfortable hotel with a terrace in its rooms offers its guests a free breakfast. Many rooms have a beautiful view and Aigis Suites also includes an outdoor swimming pool. In addition to these, this luxury hotel with free parking is a comfortable accommodation for tourists visiting this area.

2. The Porto Kea Suites Hotel (4 Stars): Most of the rooms have a restaurant with a sea view. There is also an outdoor swimming pool and this hotel is also suitable for children.

3. Anamar Kea Boutique Hotel (4 Stars): This hotel has an outdoor swimming pool and a restaurant. Also suitable for children.

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