One Of The Most Beautiful Cities In Italy, Catania

Catania, one of the largest cities on the island of Sicily, was built on the outskirts of Mount Etna. One of the most beautiful places of culture in Southern Italy is one of the most important sources of income. The most prominent objects of Catania, where high temperatures are observed throughout the year, are the Etna Volcano and its unique beaches. Catania is a historical city, and many cathedrals and fortresses are located in the past.

For tourists who want to stay in this city, we recommend you to choose the hotels around the Duomo area. This is one of the most beautiful accommodation regions for tourists with reason to be close to tourist and historical places of the region. At the same time, this region stands out as a region where the city’s popular shops and entertainment venues are located.

You can reach almost everywhere in this city, there are some difficulties in transportation. Bus fares can sometimes be very rare and this can lead to disruption of transportation. There is also a subway line that is still under construction in the city.

Things to Do in Catania

• Cathedral of Sant’Agata: One of the oldest buildings in the city, which attracts attention with its impressive interior design, it was built about eight hundred years ago. This unique architectural example of the ruins of some of the historical sites in the construction of the famous opera artist Vincenzo Bellini’in also contains the grave.

• Piazza del Duomo: Located in one of the most beautiful spots of Catania, this square has many attractions and historical places to see. We recommend this beautiful square, built with a baroque style of architecture, to all tourists.

• Ursino Castle: This massive castle was built about eight hundred years ago for defense purposes. This fortress, which consists of four towers, is now in the settlement area.

Hotels in Catania

1. NH Catanio Cento (4 Stars): Located in the Piazza Trento Region, this hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Catania. This hotel has its own bar and gym, which you can stay at quite reasonable prices.

2. Romano Palace Luxury Hotel (5 Stars): The price of this luxury hotel in Viale Kennedy is a bit more expensive than other hotels. Featuring a swimming pool, this hotel also has a bar.

3. Una Hotel Palace (4 Stars): This hotel, where you can stay at average rates, is located on Via Etnea. The hotel also has a bar and a gym.

4. Four Points by Sheraton (4 Stars): The prices of this hotel, which we recommend especially for tourists, are quite cheap compared to the quality service it offers. The most important feature that distinguishes this hotel from other hotels is that it has a health center. It also has a swimming pool and a spa.

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