Limassol City

Limassol, the southernmost island of Cyprus, is the second largest city on the island. It is also on the shore of a gulf where it named itself. The city is home to a population of more than one hundred thousand people and is becoming a tourism paradise, especially in the summer months. In this city where the biggest source of income is tourism, besides the unique beaches, there are luxury hotels for tourists. Another interesting feature of tourists is wine production and wine festivals in this city.

The city of Limassol is very close to each other due to the lack of a big city. For tourists who want to stay in this beautiful holiday city, we recommend our guests to choose the hotels near the beach. The seaside hotels offer you the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea and wonderful views of Limassol.

Buses are used for local transportation in Limassol. In some periods, these bus schedules may become scarce and cause transportation difficulties. Due to such reasons, more taxi and private vehicles are available in the city. Our suggestion is to rent a car. Limassol’s green climate and unique nature scenery are thus more comfortable to travel around. There is also a bicycle on the beach.

Places to See in Limassol

• Fasouri Watermania Water Park: This water park has become an entertainment center for tourists who are overwhelmed by the overwhelming heat of Limassol. This water park, which welcomes people of all ages, is one of the most popular entertainment centers in Limassol.

• Ancient City of Kourion: We have been particularly interested in the history of the ancient city of Kourion, one of the ancient cities founded in this area, where people used to be interested in history. This ancient city, which is located in a high area, also has a beautiful view of the Mediterranean Sea.

• Kolossi Castle: This castle, which has a unique architecture, is considered as the highest point of Limassol. If you want to see a truly magnificent view of the Limassol and the Mediterranean, you must visit this castle and visit the towers. This castle, which was used by the Crusaders in history, is one kilometer from Kolossi Castle.

Hotels in Limassol

1. Four Seasons Hotel Limassol (5 Stars): One of the most luxurious hotels in Limassol, this hotel has a wonderful swimming pool. This hotel is quite luxurious and has a tennis court and sauna.

2. The Royal Apollonia (5 Stars): This luxury hotel is within walking distance of Amatus Antique City and features a sauna and spa centers, as well as two swimming pools, one open and one indoor. Its location allows easy access to tourist attractions and there is also a restaurant and a bar.

3. Ajax Hotel (4 Stars): This hotel with tennis court and outdoor pool is very attractive for tourists with its location close to tourist attractions.

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