Larnaca – Southern Cyprus

Larnaca or the pier is a tourism paradise located in the southern part of the island in Southern Cyprus. Thanks to its coastline to the Mediterranean Sea and the coastal road surrounded by charming palm trees, thousands of tourists are eager to come here every year. Although Limasol and Nicosia is the third largest city in the country, it has an important economic structure thanks to both its commercial port and its tourists.

So, where can you stay in this historical and tourism paradise city? Although it is a small city, we highly recommend Dekeli Beach and its surroundings for those looking for accommodation in Larnaca, which offers many accommodation opportunities for tourists. Since this area is located in the west, it has a very clean and spacious atmosphere. It is also important to choose hotels in this area due to its proximity to tourist attractions and historical places.

 There is an international airport in Larnaca which is very well developed. This airport is the largest airport in the country. The city center can be reached in 15 minutes by taxi and bus.

Things to Do in Larnaka City

• Hala Sultan: It is still a significant shrine for the sultan’s Islamic faith. It is one of the rare examples of Islamic architecture in Southern Cyprus. Especially for historical purposes, it is very important for tourists visiting this place to visit.

• Archeology Museum: Larnaca, which has more than one hundred and fifty thousand inhabitants, has an important place with its historical history as well as a touristic city. 100 meters north of the museum lies the Kition-bamboula archaeological site. Historical artifacts from this region are exhibited in this beautiful museum. You can visit this museum for a very attractive fee.

• St. Lazarus Church: It is a 9th century church. It is under the control and administration of the Greek Church of the Greek Orthodox Church. The Church of St. Lazarus takes from Lazarus, in the book of John the New Testament, and according to legend, Jesus, whose Lord Jesus resurrects himself a miracle.

Hotels In Larnaka

1. Capo Bay hotel (4 Stars): This hotel, which is about 15 km from the city center, is one of the most recommended hotels due to its proximity to transportation stations. The fig tree bay is a 3-minute walk away. This well-equipped hotel offers comfortable and comfortable accommodation.

2. E-Hotel (4 Stars): This hotel is very close to the city center and is about a six-minute walk from the beach of Bahcis. The beach is home to 70 non-smoking rooms and offers you the opportunity to stay healthy.

3. Mariandy Hotel (2 Stars): One of the most beautiful hotels in Larnaca, this hotel is a 2-stars hotel offering the comfort of a 4-stars hotel. This charming and quite convenient hotel will provide you with the most affordable accommodation.

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