Kythira With It's Unique Sea

Considered as the pearl of the islands of the Ionian Sea, Kythira is a holiday island connected to Greece with its magnificent natural beauty and blue waters. This island, where tourism facilities are not well developed, is a natural paradise that has become indispensable for tourists who want to make a quiet holiday. You can find the opportunity to get to know Greek Culture very closely on this island because it has preserved the culture of indigenous people for many years. Covered with pine trees and some native plants, this island has magnificent forests.

 The best place to stay in Kythira is the hotels close to the beaches. This is very important especially for tourists coming to this magnificent island for sea vacation. For tourists who want to visit historical and cultural places, our suggestion is to choose the hotels in the city center.

 Buses and boats are used for transportation in Kythira. Kythira Island, which does not have many tourist attractions, is often used for transportation to touristic villages. Boats are also used to reach beaches and villages. Our suggestion to our visitors is to rent a car and apply to the car rental companies located on this natural wonder island. In this way, you can watch the natural beauty of the island easily.

 Things to Do in Kythira

• Monastery of Panagia Mirtidiotissa: This monastery, which is one of the first places to come to mind when it comes to Kythira, is considered to be the symbol of the island. The monastery, which has a magnificent view with its high bell tower, is located in the West Kythira Region, which is endemic with endemic trees and animals.

• Palio Hora Pass: In fact, this passage, which is a wonder of nature, also has a pathetic history. This passage, which was opened in ancient times by women, to the abyss they took to protect their children from the famous sailor Barbarossa, attracts many tourists every year with its very touching history. It also creates a very beautiful natural landscape.

Hotels in Kythira

1. Kythira Golden Resort (4 Stars): This luxury hotel, which is quite advantageous in terms of location, is our first recommendation for tourists visiting here. This hotel, which also stands out with its dinner and breakfast options, is also suitable for children. At the same time, this comfortable hotel distinguishes it from other hotels.

2. Kythea Resort (4 Stars): This hotel has a great location and offers a very luxurious and comfortable service. The most important thing that customers are satisfied with at this hotel is the hotel’s unique rooms. This hotel is also very suitable for children.

3. Hotel Romantica (3 Stars): This hotel stands out with its breakfasts and services at very reasonable prices. Due to its location, the hotel is also quite suitable for children. This hotel is also very close to the beach.

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