Kefalonia Island

Kefalonia, an island located on the shores of Greece overlooking Italy, has succeeded to be a city where many tourists visit each year especially with its beaches and beautiful sea. This beautiful island is home to the clear and blue waters of the Ionian Sea, attracting more tourists especially during the summer months. In addition, this city, which has a lush green landscape with the effects of the Mediterranean climate, continues to fascinate tourists with its harbor.

In Kefalonia, although public transportation services are available, our recommendation is for visitors to rent a car at an affordable price and enjoy the magnificent view of this island. You can also visit the unique monasteries, exclusive beaches and even the fishing villages that are located around the city.

Kefalonia, which is not a big city, offers many accommodation options for tourists. There are many comfortable and luxurious hotels in this beautiful island city, which welcomes thousands of tourists who visit here every year for sea tourism.

Staying in the Argostoli Region, a vibrant and central area of ​​the city, is the best option for tourists. In addition to the fun nightlife, this area also houses many restaurants and bars.

Things to Do in Kefalonia

• Myrtos Beach: Our first suggestion for tourists coming to this area is of course Myrtos beach. This magnificent beach, which is the subject of postcards with its unique beauty and deep blue waters, is one of the first places that comes to mind when it comes to Kefalonia. This beach, which has not been built here for a long time, has kept its naturalness for many years.

• Melissani Caves: This is the most famous area of ​​Cephalonia after Myrtos. This natural wonder place is a cave region and is a delightful area with boats. For a low fee, you can have very enjoyable moments here.

• Emblisi Beach: This beach with a small cove of natural stones is the ideal place for tourists who like sunbathing. You can have pleasant moments in the azure waters of the Ionian Sea and experience a unique sun bathing experience.

Hotels in Kefalonia

1. F Zeen Hotel Kefalonia Island (5 Stars): This hotel, one of the most luxurious hotels in this city, is within walking distance to the pebble beaches of Kefalonia. It offers a unique service to the tourists with its rooms overlooking the unique view of the Ionian Sea and the swimming pool inside.

2. Lonian Emerald Hotel Kefalonia Island (5 Stars): Located close to Myrtos Beach, this luxury hotel has a sun terrace and a swimming pool. This luxurious hotel has a splendid view and a spa and gym. This huge hotel also offers parking and is also within walking distance to private beaches. For tourists visiting Kefalonia, this hotel offers a very comfortable service.

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