Holidays And Things To Do In Andros

Andros, which fascinates every tourist who visits here with its magnificent beauty, is a natural wonder island of Greece. Andros Island is the second largest island of the Cyclades Archipelago, with its tranquil and natural beaches and lush forests and valleys. At the same time, the Andros people are able to protect their own culture. This is a unique option, especially for tourists who want to get to know Greek Culture. This island, which is located in close proximity to the Greek capital of Athens, is easily accessible.

We recommend tourists who visit Andros Island to choose their hotel in Batsi, one of the most touristic areas of the island. There are also many cafés, restaurants and bars in this area with beautiful beaches. There are also many beautiful taverns in Batsi, which has a harbor between its long beaches.

Our choice for the tourists who want to stay away from the sea is the choice of the hotel in Chora, which is the city center of the island.

We do not offer a lot of transportation options to visit this beautiful island to the tourists who want to visit our advice, rent a car and the nature of this green island is nature views. Buses depart from the port for tourists who do not want to rent a car. With these buses you can reach almost anywhere you want.

Andros Attractions

• Goulandris Museum of Modern Art: This place is a unique place for tourists interested in modern art. Built in 1979, this magnificent museum; Picasso, Kandinsky and Matisse are also works of many famous artists.

• Chora Lighthouse: The Chora Region is a very historical and cultural place. In this historical region, which hosts many mansions built by the families dealing with maritime affairs, the most important object is the lighthouse. Built on top of a rock in the middle of the sea, this lighthouse is one of the most famous lighthouses in Greece. At the same time, this lighthouse is Greece’s first automatic lighthouse.

Hotels In Andros

1. Hotel Perrakis (3 Stars): This hotel offers very luxurious and comfortable service. Most of the rooms have a balcony, and there are two swimming pools, one open and one indoor. Hotel Perrakis, which also accepts pets, has been appreciated by many customers who have stayed here.

2. Egli Boutique Hotel (3 Stars): This hotel is one of the most luxurious hotels in Andros. This hotel is also suitable for children and is a free breakfast.

3. Micra Anglia Hotel – Andros (5 Stars): This luxury hotel with its own restaurant has two swimming pools, one of which is open and one is closed.

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