Holiday And Sightseeing In Cagliari

Cagliari, the capital of the Sardinia region and one of the most beautiful coastal cities of Italy, is seen as a focal point for tourists with its port and tourist areas. It is a port and seaside city, so there are many accommodation opportunities for tourists.

In Cagliari, which can be safely accommodated in almost every area, our advice for tourists should be accommodated in the port area or city center. These areas are located within easy reach of tourist attractions and entertainment venues compared to other regions.

Many of the hotels are located in via Barcelona, ​​Roma and Mille streets, and the transportation is very easy for tourists in Cagliari. Buses and metro lines in Cagliari are very fast and comfortable. The fact that the city is not too big is another factor that facilitates transportation for tourists.

Things to Do in Cagliari

Castle of Saint Remy: Built in the Middle Ages and one of the oldest buildings of Cagliari, this castle is the most visited place for tourists in Cagliari. This castle, where you can watch the beautiful view of Cagliari City, is the first one to be visited from the tourist attractions in this city. Tourists do not have to pay any fees to visit this castle.

The Elephant Tower: This castle, named after the elephant statue, is an old structure that has witnessed great battles throughout history. In spite of the occupation of Spain by Sardinia in the Middle Ages, we recommend to visit the castle which is especially interested in history.

Marina: This area, where many shops and cafes gather together, is also the source of economic income of Cagliari. This region, which serves as a port for many ships, is also the most important center of night life in the city. For tourists who want to visit here, they come to this area in the evening and watch the sunset with the sea view.

Hotels in Cagliari

B & B Regina Elena: Located in Cagliari bulunans city center, this hotel offers free internet and breakfast. This hotel, where you can easily reach the tourist destinations, does not harm the budgets of tourists with the prices below average.

Bianca Dimora: The property, which is located in the city center and close to the tourist areas, distinguishes the hotel from other hotels, allowing pets to enter. This hotel also offers breakfast service to its customers.

AeR Bundes Jack Vittoria: This hotel is located in one of the beautiful spots of the Marina District, offering free internet and breakfast and parking for its customers. Prices are slightly higher than in other hotels, but we recommend it for visitors because of the quality of the service.

Sail & B: Located in the Marina District, Sail & b is the most affordable hotel. It also offers free parking and breakfast to its customers.

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